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Another of the villages that constitute today's Sopot, Świemirowo, was first mentioned in 1212 in a document by Mestwin I, who granted it to the Premonstratensian (Norbertine) monastery in nearby Żukowo.
Dolny Sopot District Sheraton Sopot Hotel State Gallery of Art in Sopot Old lighthouse Population edit Year Population Notable residents edit The following is a list of notable personalities born or living in the city.Haffner died in 1830, but his enterprise was continued by his stepson, Ernst Adolf Böttcher.Baltic Sea in northern, poland, with a population of approximately 40,000.A tramway line to Gdańsk was opened, as well as the School of Music, the School of Maritime Trade, a library, and an art gallery.Wszyscy goście otrzymują karty rabatowe, które mogą być wykorzystane podczas korzystania z usług oferowanych przez SPA Sheraton oraz innych punktów usługowych i gastronomicznych znajdujących się w Sopocie.By 1316, the abbey had bought all villages in the area and became the owners of all the area of the city.Ilość osób: 4-6-7, internet: tak ssino: 700m, 10 min.Cena uwzględnia dostęp do internetowej sieci wi-fi.In 1927, the city authorities rebuilt the Kasino-Hotel, one of the most notable landmarks in Sopot today.During the 1733 War of the Polish Succession, Imperial Russian troops besieged the nearby city of Gdańsk and a year later looted and burned the village of Sopot to the ground.Kingdom of Prussia edit Sopot was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia in 1772 in the First Partition of Poland.In 1952, the tramways were replaced by a heavy-rail commuter line connecting Gdańsk, Sopot, and Gdynia.Good rail connections added to the popularity of the area and by 1900 the number of tourists had reached almost 12,500 a year.Sopot held the iaaf World Indoor Championships in 2014.In 1873, the village of Zoppot became an administrative centre of the Gemeinde.In 1979, the historical town centre was declared a national heritage centre by the government of Poland.
In 1870 Zoppot saw the opening of its first rail line: the new Danzig- Kolberg rail road that was later extended to Berlin.

Gdańsk to the southeast and, gdynia to the northwest.In 1819, Wegner opened the first public bath in Zoppot and tried to promote the newly established spa among the inhabitants of Danzig, but the undertaking was a financial failure.However, a century later the area was settled again and two villages were founded within the borders of today's' city: Stawowie and Gręzowo.After the Second Peace of Thorn (1466) the area was reincorporated into the Kingdom of Poland.In 17 most of the ruined manors were bought by the Pomeranian magnate family of Przebendowski.General Józef Przebendowski bought nine of these palaces and in 1786 huawei p8 lite otwieranie karty sim his widow, Bernardyna Przebendowska (née von Kleist bought the remaining two.History edit Early history edit Dom fryzjer bohaterów monte cassino białystok Zdrojowy and garden The area of today's Sopot contains the site of a 7th-century Slavonic (Pomeranian) stronghold.Since the 80s, Ogniwo is one of the best Polish rugby teams.Do mieszkania przynależy balkon.Dopełnieniem salonu jest zadaszony taras, na którym znajdują się krzesła i stół, umożliwiające wypoczynek na świeżym powietrzu.The city again became a holiday resort for the inhabitants of nearby Danzig, as well as wealthy aristocrats from Berlin, Warsaw, and Königsberg.
2 The same root occurs in a number of other Slavic toponyms; it is probably onomatopeic, imitating the sound of running water - murmur ( epot ).