Lego harry potter 5 7 bonus level

As Hagrid arrives, make him pull the ile podatku od wygranych w lotto lever to make an opening in the pipes to the right.
It will bingo spa maska do twarzy kompleks algowy open and you can pass through to find the earmuffs.Stand in front of the gate and wave.You'll find the second and third ingredients positioned on pedestals located on the ledges to the left.Begin by heading to the upper right, where Ron should destroy some vines with bonusy casino euro Lumos.A wooden ledge will lower so that all characters can proceed to the right.Grab it and drop it into the soup.Let the rat stand on the switch until one of the characters also steps onto the switch to the left.Equip the earmuffs, then head back down and to the right, where a mandrake is waiting.

In your Ravenclaw guise, head left to the far side of the area.Gold Brick to clear the stage.If you don't have one available yet, you won't be able to proceed.Shatter the wall with the mandrake's shrieks, then plant the mandrake within the nearby pot.Stand on another switch until another character does the same and you'll lower another of the wooden platforms.Then have him send Scabbers along the piping to find a switch to the right.Now have Scabbers head through that piping, as well.Next, you need to assemble some ingredients to brew a potion in the golden cauldron that you've just accessed.Now have Scabbers climb up the tubing that the glass wall had blocked.Carry it with you as you head to the right, where there's a glass wall near the cauldron.
When he arrives at the top, he can grab the.

The first ingredient is on a pedestal nearby.
Gather everything and create your potion, which you can use to turn into a Ravenclaw character.
To complete this stage, you will need to have a Ravenclaw character available to you.