Pokertracker postgresql server

pokertracker postgresql server

Dbms_pipe Functions that allow two or more sessions in the same empires and puzzles bonus database instance to communicate with one another.
PgSQL Java erl Python Ruby Javascript Scheme Tcl PHP pgSQL Java erl Python Ruby Javascript Scheme Tcl PHP Application Client Library interface support libpq JDB Perl Python Ruby Scheme PHP odbc.NET Lisp Qt libpq JDB Perl Python Ruby Scheme PHP odbc.NET Lisp Qt Foreign Data.
Dbms_utltity A collection of functions for getting information about various runtime operations and meta data lana grossa bingo print ii from the database.
User Defined Exceptions, user defined packages and functions, associative Arrays.Save the text file to continue).We will now update your PostgreSQL configuration files to let the server know that computers in your same subnet (local network) are allowed access to the SQL server.UTL_mail Provides functions to create, manage, and send email from the database including attachments, CC, and BCC.UTL_http krem bingo Functions that provide the ability to make http calls to access information on web servers.This allows for rapid innovation illustrated with the jsonb document model, the PostGIS geographic information system and EDBs implementations of SPL, a native implementation of a new programming language that supports key capabilities of Oracles PL/SQL procedural language.Dbms_session Functions with the ability to enable and disable roles.Includes all PostgreSQL features and updates, plus additional: - Security features - Performance features - Developer features - DBA features - Database compatibility with Oracle, enterprise Security Features, password Profiles.It has been under open source license (the PostgreSQL License) since 1996.Dbms_random Useful functions to generate random text, numeric and date values.Function Packages, synonyms (public and private extended Functions and Operators.This allows a developer to write procedures and functions in PL/pgSQL, PL/Tcl, PL/Perl and PL/Python.Dbms_crypto Provides functions to encrypt and decrypt stored data.
Query Optimizer Hints, enterprise Developer Features, hierarchical Queries 21 pre-defined re-usable.

It has a similar technical heritage as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2, however, it strongly adheres to the ansi SQL standard.Using this package and triggers, an application can notify itself whenever values of interest in the database are changed.Explicit Commit/Rollback in Stored Proc.EDB SQL/Protect, session Tag Auditing, server Procedural Language Protection (EDB*Wrap enterprise Performance Features.Dbms_SQL Permits the use of dynamic SQL in procedures to allow applications to run SQL statements with unknown parameters (such as table name) until runtime.Dbms_JOB Has been replaced by dbms_scheduler but included for compatibility with older Oracle applications.
Bulk Collect and Binds, user defined object types, nested Tables.
Dbms_output Allows the sending of messages from stored procedures, packages, and triggers for application or debugging use.