Realm grinder challange bonuses

Tier 4 Hints Neutral Tier 4: While it's possible to get the neutral unique buildings and complete the requirements for the tier 4 challenges, you need to be R25 for them to be awarded.
Scattered in the stars, help them establish a stronger connection with the void between the realms.Months and months of clams casino i'm god david higgs unique content!Thunderstorm Titan Lightning Strike now grants more faction coins based on your faction coin find chance.Tier 1 Challenges (For R2, R4 and R6) Faction Name Requirement Upgrade For Fairy Pixie Mischief Only use Farms, Inns and Blacksmiths during a run where you buy all Fairy upgrades within 1 minute of a new game.Youll also be given an upgrade called Reincarnation Power, which has various bonuses depending on the total number of times youve reincarnated.Neutral Faction challenges : Tier 1 upgrades boost it's own faction, Tier 2 and Tier 3 upgrades boosts each other Neutral Faction, and Tier 4 upgrades are universal.Faceless 1: Beware of using Ruby or Reincarnation power.2 Harmony of Thought The mighty titans wish for you to harness arcane powers through your fingertips.
All 5 Elf Runic Conversion Buy 150 of each other royal exchange, having 0 Drow Exchanges.

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Each tier challenge rewards a perk, and completing all the tier challenges of a Faction will reward a spell upgrade.PA:.96 Angel Angel Mana Crypts Generate 500,000 mana in less than 3 hours without casting a single Tax Collection.Requires: Reincarnation 2 Greed Drive upgrade Green Fingers Discount triggers every 2 minutes instead.All Goblin Smuggled Jewels Have at least 1 Qavg (1E75) gems in the abdication treasury while using Goblin Bloodline.You must weed out the weak and sacrifice them at the temple altar.Avoid purchasing Angelic Dominance (3,2).Requires: Reincarnation 8 Demon Bloodline Completion of Demon Challenge 1 Increase max mana.66 of your number of Halls of Legends.FC: Faction Coins, rE: Royal Exchange, m/S: Mana per second.Time is of the essence!
Don't buy Demon exchanges.
Prove to the Dragon lords you can sustain and control every sip.

You will need a min mana regen of 60 m/s to get enough Holy Light casts.
Titan 4 Omnipresence Get Hive Mind bonus to at least 1890.
Requires: Reincarnation 18 Goblin Unique Building Completion of Goblin Challenge 2 Increase production bonus from Gems.005 for each upgrade purchased.